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31/07/13 Issues in the publishing industry: Indie, Traditional, or Can writers actually make money? A lecture with Imogen Fletcher The traditional route has been the emerging writer approaches a small independent publisher, who sells to an independent bookstore who the reader will buy from. These days, you can cut out the middlemen, and go direct to the reader. E-book royalties give you about 40-70% of what you charge for it. Consider the tale of Amanda Hawking: Got about a million rejection slips, sold her work to the Amazon store for 99c, and made a lot of money, and got a traditional publisher 4-book deal. At the time of writing, there are 1,958,510 books in the Kindle store. However, the odds are that you will sell 150, with lower numbers for an unknown. The point is, you have a lot of hard work to do. You could operate in a niche, but others promote themselves, build an online presence and build a name. Take Scott Sigler. He gives all that he writes away, and he has been traditionally published, and he pioneered audiobooks. He said that if you did EVERYTHING yourself, you make about 85% royalties. If you want to publish, and you’re new to this, you probably will come across JA Konrath. He promotes ways to publish your own work. He’s a militant DIY publisher, who claims that publishing is dead. In the past, you had 45-25$ books. These days, you can get a few people who can pay a lot, in order to get a lot of content, and most people will pay very little for very little. You can combine this with cr
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