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Negareh Ghasemi

ENB221 Lecture Fluid Mechanics Assessment Item No.1 – Problem Solving tasks on blackboard Weeks: 5, 10 Weighting: 20% (Each worth 10%) 2 hours, one attempt Assessment Item No.2 – Group (4-5) Lab Report Weeks: 7, 11 Due week 13 Weighting: 20% Assessment Item No.3 – Exam End of Semester (during exam period) Weighting: 60% 1 Introduction to fluid mechanics, units, properties of fluids 2 Pressure and pressure measurement 3 Hydrostatic and system description 4 Fluid Dynamics 5 Energy and momentum Equation 6 Real and Ideal Systems-pipe systems 7 Introduction to computational fluid dynamics Week Material Textbook Chapter 2 Fluid Properties Chapter 2 3 Fluid Properties + Hydrostatics Chapter 3 4 Hydrostatics Chapter 3 5 Kinematics Chapter 4 6 Mass, Bernoulli and Energy Equations Chapter 5 7 Mass, Bernoulli and Energy Equations Chapter 5 8 Real Fluids (internal flow) Chapter 8 9 CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Chapter 15 10 Real Fluids (Internal Flow) Chapter 8 11 Real Fluids (Internal Flow) Chapter 8 12 Stead
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