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Queensland University of Technology
Negareh Ghasemi

ENB215 Lecture Fundamentals of Mechanical Design Free Body Diagram Visual representations of force and object interactions. Individual objects or members are isolated from their environment or system, illustrating all external forces acting upon them. Force Moments A straight line push or pull acting upon an The twisting effort about a point or axis when a force is applied at a object, vector quantity has direction and distance. Arc with an arrowhead acting about a point, indicating magnitude. direction of CW or CCW  Direction is illustrated by an arrowhead.  Magnitude is illustrated by length of line segment and is the amount of push or pull Moment Review Moment (M) = Force (F) * Distance (d) Distance (d) is called the moment arm; it must be measured perpendicular to the line of action of the force. Free body diagram procedure 1. Sketch the isolated object 2. Sketch the applied and normal forces 3. Label objects and forces 4. Label Dimensions Free Body Diagram Reactions Cable, rope or chain Pin Replace with a tension force only. Replaced with two reaction forces one vertical (y) and one horizontal (x) Roller Built-in end – Cantile
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