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Queensland University of Technology
Negareh Ghasemi

ENB205 Lecture Electrical and Computer Engineering AC Circuit Analysis with Phasors 1. Convert sources in complex form. 2. Convert components (R,L,C) in complex form. 3. Carry out circuit analysis as if it were a DC circuit (but with complex numbers on) 4. Convert the complex solution back to time-domain expression. Impedance Complex Power Frequency Response Frequency response of a circuit is the changes in its behaviour with change in signal frequency. Frequency respones are important in some applications such as communication and electric filters. Frequency Response of a circuit can be represented as:  Transfer function (mathematical representation)  Bode plot (graphical representation) Transfer Functions It indicates the relationship between input and output of a system, be it electrical or mechanical. It is usually defined as the ratio of output to input. In mechanical systems, input/output could be force, energy, heat etc. In electrical systems, input/output are usually voltage, current or power. 1 Week 5 Tuesday, 27 August 2013 ENB205 Lecture Electrical and Computer Engineering Time-independent Transfer Function Time-dependent transfer function e.g. Circuit with time-varying components E.g. DC circuit with resistor network. Frequency-dependent e.g. circuit with inductive components It is more of our interests as the input of
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