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Richi Nayak

INBN 210 Database NotesWeek 2Tables are used toadd data stored in tables also know as relations6 rules for tables1 No two rows are exactly the same no duplicates o A set cannot contain thte same thing more than once Eg 1223 isnt a set 123 is a set 2 Order of the rows has no effect on the meaning of of the data o Eg John Andy Sue is the same as Andy Sue John 3 Order of columns has no feectmeaning of data 4 Each cell in the table contains only a single value 5 Each column has a distinct name 6 Values in each column are sensible given the columns name Domains The range of allowable values for a given column2 Major differences between columnsdomainsA domain is a set ser fo allowable values Whereas a column is a set of values that are actually being usedA columns values are actually stored as part of each table in the databaseA dom
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