INB280 – Fundamentals of Game Design (Lecture 1, Week 1)

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Queensland University of Technology
Dr.Rune Rasmussen

INB280 – Fundamentals of Game Design Lecture 1 – Week 1 (Topic: Games, Play, Pitch)  INB280 is a design-specific unit. The tools used, such as Kodu, which is used for the final assessment for INB280, does not assume any technical knowledge, such as programming skills.  The unit will introduce students to many ideas, concepts and standards that are upheld in further units in the course. Game design theory, design documents and play-testing are focuses of the unit.  Each assignment bridges into another. A game is conceptualized, a design document is created and then a prototype for the game concept, or a mechanic of that game concept is created in Kodu.  The game concept needs to fit the constraints of Kodu. Kodu is not a terribly advanced game design tool, so this needs to be considered when conceptualizing the game. Examples of these constraints can be found online in videos, by experimenting with the tool itself, in the assignment sheets (primarily the first assignment’s) and throughout the unit’s lecture notes.  The use of Kodu also helps train students to work within constraints as in the video-game industry, there are always constraints, such as time, budget and game engine.  It is important to note that Kodu’s jumping mechanic does not work well, and students are discouraged from relying on jumping mechanics in their games, or using them at all.  An additional recommendation that is completely optional for students is to keep a personal journal. Keeping a journal around will allow you to capture ideas as they come to mind as well as sketch ideas out. This practice is common among design professionals and may be useful in future.  It is very important for game designers to design for the player and not themselves. Additionally, it is
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