INB181 - Introduction to Games Production (Lecture 1, Week 1)

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Dr.Rune Rasmussen

INB181 – Introduction to Games Production Lecture 1 – Week 1  This unit aims to teach students of the people involved in the game development process as well as the technology involved. Additionally, business and budgeting processes for starting a game project will be covered.  Video-game developers are constantly pushing the envelope for what current technology can achieve, more so than other forms of media. This is very evident in video-games such as Crysis.  Game development proves to be more difficult than other types of development, due to the collaboration of both creative and technical people. This is described as a “Wicked Problem”. Furthermore, there aren’t straight- forward rules and guidelines to creating a video-game, which creates more of a problem.  Another “Wicked Problem” is that while game developers are trying to create fun for the player, the notion of “fun” is something that develops, moves and changes all the time. For example, the recent over-saturation of First Person Shooters has caused many gamers to grow tired of a genre that was once deemed “fun”.  There are all kinds of hardware and software requirements when creating a video-game, such as gaming consoles (including developer consoles) and software kits (for programming, 3D modelling, etc.). The basic video-game developmen
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