INB181 - Introduction to Games Production (Lecture 2, Week 2)

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Dr.Rune Rasmussen

INB181 – Introduction to Games Production Lecture 2 – Week 2  Game design serves as the blueprint for the development (content creation) of a video-game. The design of the game most heavily occurs in the conception stage, through to the pre-production stage.  The largest aspect of this blueprint is the Design Document, which is constantly being developed and refined over time by the game’s designers. As this document needs to be constantly refined, a collaborative tool, such as Google Drive, is often used to access the document.  The Design Document has several uses, the main one being a reference for the game’s content creators. However, other people who may use the Design Document may include Quality Assurance, making sure the vision for the game is met, and voice actors, wanting to gain further insight into their character. The document will describe the inner and outer workings of the video-game with words, tables, sketches and diagrams.  Game Designers also work with programmers to script gameplay. This can include specific events that occur within the game, where enemies are spawned and how the player interacts with the game environment.  Game Designers also work with artists to see to it that the vision of what characters, environments and other game assets are upheld in concept art and 3D mod
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