INB280 – Fundamentals of Game Design (Lecture 2, Week 2)

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Dr.Rune Rasmussen

INB280 – Fundamentals of Game Design Lecture 2 – Week 2 (Topic: Dynamic Systems and Design process) The following notes are for the first lecture, as this information was not reached in the first lecture in week 1.  Remember that the primary goal of game design and game creation is to entertain and possibly supersede the player’s expectations.  It is possible to inject originality into ideas which may seem to be copying an already existing video-game by integrating other concepts in different and unusual ways, and of course, researching, brainstorming, presenting the idea to others and getting feedback can help make ideas better. The remainder of the notes here are from the second lecture’s slides.  The Magic Circle is the name given to the temporary world that is created within the ordinary world when all forms of play occur. There are rules that are bound inside that temporary world.  You can only be inside the boundary, and thus obeying the rules of the world, or outside the boundary of the Magic Circle. Example: In a boxing ring, you may punch your opponent. However, stepping out of the ring means you may not. The rules of the temporary world provide structure and delimit what the participant can and cannot do.  A system is a set of parts that interrelate with each other to form a complex whole. The participants interact with the system in order to experience play and to normally reach a quantifiable outcome (whether the participant has won or lost), distinguishing a game to other less formal activities of play.  Each system has various objects, attributes, internal relationships and an environment. Example: Chess  Objects: Pieces and the game board.  Attributes: The starting positions of the pieces and the specific ways the pieces can move.  Internal Relationships: Spatial relationships on the board, suc
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