KIB205 - Programming for Visual Designers and Artists (Lecture 1, Week 1)

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Creative Writing & Literary Studies
Dr.Jared Donovan

KIB205 – Programming for Visual Designers and Artists Lecture 1 – Week 1  The unit will show the creative potential of code and programming and uses the Processing language to highlight how every programming language is unique in several ways.  It is advisable that if you have had trouble programming in the past (or are currently having trouble), you should attend as many tutorials as you can.  It is necessary to keep “sketches” (code/projects in Processing terminology) throughout the semester, to work on a develop ideas.  Processing is a programming language, development environment and online community. As a side-note, it is possible to run Processing projects on web browsers through Javascript.  Processing’s official website is On the website, there are many examples, code references and sources of help (forums) to aid the progra
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