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Lecture 1 Week 1 – JSB171 notes What is JSB171 about?  Justice and all the concepts that surround it (equality, fairness, rights, freedom, security...)  Thinking about what justice means in our society and its importance both morally and politically  More specifically we will be interested in the criminal justice system, particularly fairness in the system and how that relates to/reflects the fairness in our society  We will be investigating why our society, given that it is one committed to fairness and equality and that so strongly advocates these values, still remains one that is largely unjust in a number of ways Why do we need to know this stuff?  QUT has a high level of expertise in the area of criminal justice and staff cover an extensive range of knowledge that would be beneficial to students  The QUT staff in the justice area are also very committed to asking questions (and answering students’) and will very often question the criminal justice system by evaluating and thinking critically about ways in which it could be improved  The better informed a criminal justice professional is, the better the criminal justice practice will be Effects on criminal justice practice  Helps explain to us why certain groups of people dominate in the criminal justice system i.e. lawyers  Helps us gain an understanding beyond basic and often stereotypical models of the criminal justice system such as a basic retributive justice system, introduces idea of mitigating and aggravating factors which may lessen or worsen the severity of the crime – thus challenging the simplistic idea that same crimes are punished equally 
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