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00. List of Offences

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Offences 1. Unlawful Killing o s300 Unlawful Homicide o s313 Killing Unborn Child o s314 Concealing birth o Criminal Negligence (imposing liability for unlawful killing) • s285: duty to provide necessaries • s286: duty of a person who has care of a child • s288: duty of persons doing dangerous acts • s289: duty of persons in charge of dangerous things • s290 Duty to do certain acts o Murder: s302 o Manslaughter: s303 2. Offences Endangering Life or Health o Grievous bodily harm (GBH): s320—crime—14 years o Torture: s320A(1)—crime—14 years o Unlawful wounding: s323—Misdemeanour—7 years 3. Intent Offences o Disabling in order to commit indictable offence: s315—crime—life o Stupefying in order to commit indictable offence: s316 CC—crime—life o Unlawful drink spiking: s316A—crime—5yrs o Act intended to cause GBH and other malicious acts: s317—crime—life o Negligent acts causing harm: s328—misdemeanour—2 years 4. Sexual Offences o Sexual Assault: s352 o Unlawful & Indecent Assault—crime—10yrs: s352(1)(a) o Procuring a person to commit—crime—10yrs: s352(1)(b)(i) o Procuring a person to witness—crime—10yrs: s352(1)(b)(ii) o Rape—crime—life: s349 o Other Sexual Offences o Evidentiary concerns – for sexual assault and rape 5. Domestic Violence—s11 DFVPA 6. Stalking: s359B CC o Observations and Recordings in Breach of Privacy: s227A CC o Distributing Prohibited
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