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1. [s4] Attempts

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Queensland University of Technology

Attempts ss 4535Onuson crown BRD as with all other offencesAttempt is alternative to offence s583A Attempt is a CrimeMisdemeanourSpecific AttemptsIt is a crime to attempt toMurder s306 lifeProcure abortion s224 14 yearsInjure by explosive or noxious substances s321 14 yearsRape s350 crime14 yearsRobbery s412 1 7 years2 armed or in company14 years3 and wounds with weapon or noxious substancelifeDestroy property by explosives s470 14 yearsPervert justice s140 7 yearsStupefying to commit indictable offence s316 lifeArsonowas previously a specific attempt R v Sherrington R v T 1997 decided on old s4621any person who attempts unlawfully to set fire to any such thing14 yearsKelley doesnt seem to realise this has changed her book at p196 cites s4621 which doesnt existonow is only specific if actually lights something on firewould be a general attempt if just pours petrol around etc s461 arson14 yearss462 actually setting fire to something near a buildingmine etc in order to set it on fireA person who wilfully and unlawfully sets fire to anything situated so that a thing mentioned in section 4611a to d is likely to catch fire from it commits a crime14 yearsGeneral Attempts s535An attempt to commit any other crime is a crime s5351 An attempt to commit any other misdemeanour is a misdemeanour s5352 oMisdemeanourindictable offence less serious than a crimesummary offenceWhere Attempt Constitutes the OffenceWhere the offence is attempting to do something which is not in itself an offence s4 does not apply R v Leavitt 1987 considering old s3172attempting to strike with a projectile to resist arrestno actual offence of actually striking someone with a projectileact is not an attempt to commit an offence under s4the attempt to strike is the offences4 does not applys317 has now changedunlawfully strikes or attempts in any way to strike s317f s3172 no longer existsKelley doesnt seem to realise thisB Elements of an Attempt s41 R v Barbeler1When a person intending to commit an offence begins to put the persons intention into execution by means adapted to its fulfilment and manifests the persons intention by some overt act but does not fulfil the persons intention to such an extent as to commit the offence the person is said to attempt to commit the offence1Intention to commit offence Offencepunishable act or omission s2Intentiondecision to bring about situation so far as is possible to do so He Kaw Teh per Brennan JoNeed not prove desire R v Willmot No 2Andrew TrotterLWB239 Criminal Responsibility
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