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5 Relief Against Forfeiture

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V Relief against Forfeiture Outline for Instalment Contract Questions • Relief o Statutory Relief: PLA ss 72 & 75 (deposit < 10%) o Equitable relief  Mortgage analogy  Traditional heads  Contributed to breach? (Legione)  Specific Performance • Damages inadequate • Discretionary factors o Hardship o Mutuality, etc • Depends on existence of binding contract: s 59 PLA • Part Performance • Specific Performance or Damages in lieu (Lord Cairns’ Act) • Estoppel Equitable jurisdiction o Generally equity does not interfere with contractual obligations o BUT it will not allow a person to enforce their strict legal rights, where to do so would be unconscionable: Legione v Hately FORFEITURE OF INTEREST IN LAND Forfeiture = loss of estate in property Remedy = specific performance Penalty Legione v Hately: = punishment for non-observance of contract. (usually money) o If Agreed damages clause → acceptable o If amount owed is not proportionate to the loss suffered → penalty (unconscionable): Dunlop Pneumatic o Remedy = no obligation to pay/return of money Breach of non-essential term o Prima facie penalty → equity will relieve. o Whether it is an essential term or not depends on whether the parties would have entered into the contract in its absence: Associated Tramways Breach of essential term  A Statutory Relief = Payment of final purchase price over instalments. Andrew Trotter LWB240 Principles of Equity (1) Application • Does not bind the Crown: s71A(1) • Cannot be excluded by the contract: s71A(3)(b) (2) Definitions: s71 PLA • Deposit means a sum: (a) not exceeding 10%; and (b) paid or payable in 1 or more amounts; and (c) liable to be forfeited and retained by the vendor in the event of a breach of contract by the purchaser • instalment contract means: - executory contract for the sale of land - payment(s) (other than deposit) to be made without conveyance o Contracts which the purchaser may perform as an instalment contract are instalment contracts unless the purchaser elects otherwise: s71A(2) • mortgage includes any encumbrance or charge other than a charge attaching by the operation of any statutory enactment. • purchaser person with interest under an instalment contract • sale includes an agreement for sale and an enforceable option for sale. • Deposit > 10% → payment made without conveyance → instalment contract (3) Restriction on vendor’s right to rescind: s72 • Seller must serve notice on defaulting purchaser and cannot rescind until 30 days after notice: s72(1) o Notice must notify of purchaser’s default and effect of failure to remedy: s72(4) • If purchaser pays the money owing, the vendor loses the right to rescind: s72(3) (4) Restriction on vendor’s right to mortgage: s73 • Vendor cannot mortgage (or sell) without consent of purchaser: s73(1) • If mortgaged— o Instalment contract voidable by purchaser at any time before completion of contract: s73(2)(a) o Offence—9 penalty units: s73(2)(b) • Section does not affect the right of bona fide third parties: s71(3)(a) (5) Right of purchaser to lodge caveat: s74 • Purchaser under instalment contract has an interest allowing them to lodge a caveat to protect their interest against other instruments to be lodged: s71(1) (6) Right to require conveyance: s75 • Conditions o After 1/3 of purchase price paid o Purchaser not in default • → Purchaser may serve notice in writing requiring the vendor to convey the land: s75(1) Andrew Trotter LWB240 Principles of Equity o purchaser at the same time mortgages land in favour of the vendor or 3 party ← to secure payment of all money payable • Same may be required by a vendor: s75(2) • Legal costs: o Where vendor serves notice—vendor must advance the following amounts to the purchaser, but then add them to the mortgage so the purchaser pays them in the end— - Transfer duties under Duties Act 2001: s75(3)(a) - Legal costs of preparing & executing documents: s75(3)(b) o Mortgage preparation funded by the party requesting it: s75(4)(b) • Mortgage must accord with all obligations of the purchaser under the purchase contract: s75(4)(a) • Failure to comply— o Deemed to be in breach of contract—normal remedies apply o Offence—9 penalty units (7) Deposit of title deed and conveyance: s76 • Purchaser not in default • under an instalment contract • may direct the vendor to deposit with a prescribed authority— (s76(1)) o the title deed or deeds relating to the land the subject of the contract; and o a duly executed conveyance or instrument of transfer of
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