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Queensland University of Technology
Mark Lauchs

JSB178 Week Five Lecture Notes The Players Political Level  Parliament  Cabinet  Parliamentary committees  Political Parties Queensland Parliament  Interests are generally tied to the main political parties (ALP and the Coalition).  HOWEVER, independent and minor parties are outside this loop.  Parliamentarians are not consulted by public officials.  They are a prime target of community organisations. Queensland Cabinet  The primary target of public officials in both consultation and purpose.  Communication between officials and cabinet happen through established protocols and documentation.  Contacts are made with ministerial staff and, on rare occasions, with the minister.  Community organisations have a better chance of dealing directly with the minister or cabinet (e.g. community cabinet meetings).  Most community organisations end up dealing with the departmental officers. Queensland Parliamentary Committees  A number of committees are established to examine specific areas.  Key committees include, for example, the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee; Scrutiny of Legislation Committee; and Estimates Committee.  Committees are made up of members from all parties.  They are often conducted on party lines but occasionally independently.  Public officials may appear as witnesses or advisors.  Community organisations will provide submissions and appear as witnesses. Queensland Political Parties  Operate their own administrations with the intention of getting their party into power.  Key contacts are the policy formulation mechanisms within the party, which are formulated by researchers and senior parliamentarians and finalised at party conventions.  Never contacted by public officials.  May be a target of community organisations that can end up contributing to policy formulation. Queensland Justice Sector Who interacts with the justice sector?  Queensland Police Service (Law enforcement)  Judicial determinations (QLD Department of Justice and Attorney-General) o Prosecutions, Legal Aid, Courts, Crown Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Administration.  Corrections – Department of Corrective Services o Policy support service, program support services, health and medical
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