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JSB284 Lecture Week Nine Notes Policing Ethics and Oversight Bodies Overview  What are ‘ethics’?  The absence of ethics – police corruption.  Inquiries into police corruption in Australia.  Oversight bodies.  Ethical dilemmas in policing. Ethics  Ethics is concerned with what is ‘right’, ‘fair’, ‘just’ or ‘good’ (as opposed to what is just the easiest).  Ethics are part of every day life:  When you decide not to steal from your employer.  When you decide to follow the law.  When you decide to take credit for another employee’s work. Police Ethics  Police are not a special breed, though they have more power than the average citizen.  Opportunities to exploit that power and engage in unethical behaviour for person gain.  Examples of this occur across Australia and internationally. The Absence of Ethics: Cases of Police Unethical Behaviour  Queensland Police Service  ‘The Joke’ – (Pre-Fitzgerald Inquiry, 1987 – 1989)  New South Wales Police Force  ‘The Barbecue Set’ (Pre-Wood Royal Commission, 1994 – 1997)  Western Australia Police  Police involved in burglaries, assaults, procedural abuses (including fabrication of evidence), and dealing in narcotics (Pre-Kennedy Commission 2002 – 2004) The Absence of Ethics: Major Inquiries into Police Corruption New South Wales  Moffitt Royal Commission  1973 – 1974  Investigated organised crime in NSW clubs, but also uncovered police/government involvement in organised crime syndicates.  Wood Royal Commission of Inquiry  1994 – 1997  Widespread and entrenched corruption  Hundreds of counts of drug trafficking, money laundering, bribery and fabrication of evidence. Western Australia  Kennedy Commission of Inquiry  2002 – 2004  Police involvement in committing crimes and covering them up/  Police involvement in stealing, bribery, assaults, perjury, drug dealing and improper disclosure of confidential information. Queensland  Fitzgerald Commission of Inquiry  1987 – 1989  As a result of a news report and subsequent 4 Corners Story entitled ‘The Moonlight State’.  Entrenched and widespread corruption.  Not just a few ‘rotten apples’.  Criminal networks involving senior police officers.  Payment for protection (SP Bookmakers, illegal gambling venues and prostitution). South Australia  Commission of Inquiry into Prostitution  1996 Victoria  Beach Report  1974 – 1978  Adverse findings against 55 Victorian police officers.  Conspiracy, perjury, assault, unlawful arrest, corruptly receiving money, fabricating evidence.  Neesham Report  1985  Focused on the investigation of complaints by Victorian Police.  Recommended changes to the process of investigating complaints. The Absence of Ethics: Outcomes of Various Commission of Inquiry Monitoring and oversight bodies:  Queensland – Crime and Misconduct Commission  Western Australia – Corruption and Crime Commission  New South Wales – Police Integrity Commission & Independent Commission Against Corruption  Victoria – Office of Police Integrity  Tasmania – Ombudsman  South Australia – Police Complaints Authority  Northern Territory – Ombudsman  Commonwealth – Ombudsman & Commonwealth Law Enforcement
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