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Lecture 4

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JSB284 Lecture Four Notes Police Education and Training Lecture Overview:  Introduction  Queensland Police  Recruitment and Initial Training  Other Jurisdictions  In-Service Education, Development and Training  Future  Suggested Readings Introduction  This week’s guest lecturer is Inspector Jason Saunders – Manager of Professional Development Unit, Education and Training Command.  30 years police experience, 18 years as a detective.  Also holds accounting degree and Master of Business Administration.  Other roles have included: commissioner’s staff, CHOGM planning, CEPS fellow.  Highly values education and training. Some Brief Facts about Queensland Police  The QPS provides core policing service to Queensland 24 hours a day. o Serves approximately 4.4 million Queensland residents. o Serves approximately 18 million tourists a year. o Serves across a land mass of 1.7 million square kilometres.  The QPS currently employs around 15 000 staff – 11 000 of which are sworn in.  QPS has an annual budget of almost 2 billion.  There has been a recent renewal process – a restructure. This has seen Queensland go from around eight regions of policing to five. There is centralisation around South-East Queensland. Recruit Training Program  Involves a 25 week long pre-service training program.  There are three phases of training plus a skills phase.  There are 96 recruits (four squads) each six weeks.  Age range from 18 – 50 years old. Study Phases – RTU  Phase 1 – Core Skills and Values  Phase 2 – Guided Practice  Skills Phase  Phase 3 – Developed Practice Operational Skills Unit  Firearms Training Section  Road Policing Section (Driver Training)  Policing Skills Section Field Training Unit Upon graduation from the police academy, First Year Constables are posted to police stations around Queensland and are considered on probation for the first 12 months. They undertake an eight week mentor phase and are placed with an experienced police officer. For the remained of the 12 months they are under general supervision of other police officers. Following these 12 months they are confirmed and posted to police stations around Queensland as Senior Constable. Other Jurisdictions  NSW – entry requirement for police force is a year or two of university degree in justice/policing followed by 12 -15 week training course.  Victoria – shorter course than Queensland to join police force. Police are sworn in as constables at very beginning of course.  Hong Kong – more military-based, two levels of entry (either constable or
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