PYB007 Week 2 Lecture 2 Notes

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Queensland University of Technology
Zoe Hazelwood

Lecture 2 - Week 2 Notes PYB007 – Individual Differences Communication begins with the ‘self’. The way communication reaches us and the way we interpret it, as well as the way we deal then respond to that communication and relay it to others, all begins with ourselves and the way we perceive ourselves. Things we will discuss today:  We must look at ourselves and the things that make us individuals  The aspects of ourselves that we could perhaps improve upon in order to help our communication with others  Things like personality and particularly tools such as humour (which could be used in the assignment)  Our own personal control in communication  Perceptions of power and their influence on communication, and how to find a balance of power What are individual differences? Things that make you unique from others e.g. personality, beliefs, likes/dislikes etc. Some things can be changed such as:  Likes/dislikes  Beliefs  Age  Attitudes And there are some things that are considered to be relatively stable such as:  Personality  Gender  Ethnicity These things may affect the way we communicate for example our age – we communicate very differently now from the way we did when we were five years old. As a result, our power may also have changed as we are in a position of more power in communication than when we were five. What influences your ‘self’?  Needs, interests, expectations  Past experiences o Travel – cross cultural communication o Family – middle, oldest, youngest child affects communication  Conditioning  Internal working models
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