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Queensland University of Technology

PYB210 Lecture One Notes Brief Administrative Information  PYB210 is not heavily based on statistics compared to previous statistics subjects.  No formulas or numbers will even be examined before Week 4.  Even when formulas are examined, it is more theoretically based.  90% of success is turning up. This unit has a very low fail rate.  Unit will be utilising SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) which essentially does all the work for you and makes it VERY EASY!  Several consult times are available with Doug Mahar, one right before the lecture.  Wendell Cockshaw should serve as the first port of call before mailing Doug. Tutorial Information  Each week in tutorials you will be asked to complete exercises which are often structured like mini assignments. These will help develop an understanding of a range of topics.  Attendance and a fair go at each of these tutorials will result in 10% of your overall grade. You must attend at least seven of the nine tutorials and show an effort in order to achieve this.  You must ensure you are prepared for each tutorial before attending and have listened to the previous week’s lecture. Failure to do so will be embarrassing and you will not be able to complete the exercises.  There are no tutorials in weeks 5 and 8 due to public holidays.  Things to bring to every tutorial: o Textbook o USB Drive o Calculator capable of square root function (calculators with capacity to store text will not be allowed in the exam). Assessment  The first assignment is a research design essay in which you are required to critically evaluate the design of an experiment. The every first lecture (this one!) will begin to touch on areas relevant to the assignment, which means you can begin working on it tonight.  NOTE: the experiment is NOT about coal seam gas etc. it is strictly about the design of the experiment. Refer to the criteria sheet to see how to get a 7.  The second assignment is similar, and focuses on analysing and interpreting data. Topics relevant to this assignment will be touched on during the semester so it can be completed at a weekly pace.  The final examination is two hours and contains an essay, manual calculation, multiple choice and short answer questions. What Will Be Covered in PYB210?  TOPIC ONE: Weeks 1 – 3 will look at experimental design and will cover everything needed for the first assignment. o Theory and hypotheses o Independent and dependant variables. o Control of extraneous variable. o External validity  TOPIC TWO: Week 4 will talk about Descriptive Analysis. o Measures of central tendency. o Measures of variability. o Distributions. o SPSS.  TOPIC THREE: Weeks 5 – 10 and also Week 13 will look at 1-Way ANOVA. o Statistical inference. o The F-test. o ANOVA assumptions. o Power and effect size. o Planned and post-hoc comparisons. o SPSS.  TOPIC FOUR: Weeks 11 and 12 will cover Qualitative Research. o Qualitative approach to theory development and research design. o Qualitative research methods: Field Research, Focus Groups and In-depth Interviews. o Reliability and validity in Qualitative Research methods. o Ethics in Qualitative Research. o Qualitative Data Analysis: Thematic, Grounded Theory, Narrative and Network
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