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Dr Prue Millear

PSY307: Adult Development and Aging Lecture 1 Introduction - Adult development and aging does not need to be all bad; yes challenges, but also positives - Dr Prue Millear (email withheld) and Dr Geoff Lovell (email withheld)  share lectures and tutorials - Textbook and BlackBoard readings Assessment - Essay, worth 30% (due Friday week 6) - Research proposal, worth 30% (due Friday week 10) - Exam, worth 40% (exam block) Essay (week 6) - “How do men and women manage their work and family role; balance, conflict or facilitation between roles?” Research Proposal (week 10) - Design intervention for older people and describe how access success - Theoretically sound and grounded in current research - What would you include? How would you know it was effective? - Include measures of how to assess - Be strategic with time - Write in third-person, but present reasoned opinion - Word limit +/- 10%  front page, abstract and references not included; titles and citations are - Approximately 20 references for assessment Perspectives on Adult Development and Aging - Gerontology: study of aging from maturity through to old age - Myths of aging – lead to stereotypes and ageism - Ageism: form of discrimination against older adults based on age Biopsychosocial Perspective - (Bronfenbrenner) Development occurs as proximal process between person and context over time
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