Entrepreneurship and Innovation HBN110N Lecture Notes - Social Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation HBN110N
The Internet

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Journal for entrepreneurship
Christina Evangelou
Tony Ferguson
Entry 1:
An entrepreneur can be anyone who has a great business initiative .
It can start out small or big.
Local or global.
Public or private.
The definition of entrepreneur is on who organises,assumes the risks of business or
enterprise and someone creates new business ventures.
My individual idea so far is to have mental health support group for uni students or one for
mental health and all disabilities that may impact on uni.
My idea for my group project is to have an app for my Swinburne and other Swinburne
affiliated websites.
Entry 2:
Why does china have one child families?
Because they have an influx of population and a little economy.
Everything is made in china.
Entrepreneurship is the way of the future.
Importing a d exporting like hood has increased especially in Australia.
As online industry keeps booming more and more entrepreneurs are coming out of the
wood work.
Everything is going mobile or into app format,we bank in app format, we hat in app format,
we text on our phone, we email, we do meeting on our iPads . Use them in schools and
Entry 3:
The world around us has changed immensely in the last 20 years.
When I was born mobile phones had just become a hit. The Internet had only just begun .
Computers were mostly used for solitaire ,word and email. VCRs existed, disc mans were
the iPod of that time,remember dial-up. Remember how this all began ?
There so many different ways to become an entrepreneur these days.
There are so many ideas out there like who would of thought we'd want an app that takes a
picture then obliterates itself in 5 seconds?
Who would of thought we'd be changing the world so much that aliens wouldn't even
recognise it . There so much more opportunity but with that comes more pressure and risk
god help our children and the next generation because it is only going to get crazier and
more advanced
Entry 4:
Myswinny is getting somewhere i can't believe it. Speaking with Swinburne officials on
Tuesday. ITS management is conversing with me.mStudents are hearing about the app
through friends and us.the views are spiking. My app man loves the idea.i never thought
this would happen. One. Month and we've come so far. I'm learning so much about being
an entrepreneur I wish I could do a co-major or minor in entrepreneurship and innovation.
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