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Lecture 1

SWK277 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Child Development, Human Services, Risk Management

Social Work Discipline
Course Code

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Course Outline
Code: SWK277
Title: Working with Children, Youth and Families
Faculty of Arts, Business and Law
School of Social Sciences
Teaching Session: Semester 1
Year: 2018
Course Coordinator: Dr Bindi Bennett
1. What is this course about?
1.1 Course description
This course covers challenges faced by human services workers and social workers engaged in family work.
This course that will explore knowledge and skills necessary for working with children, youth and families
from diverse backgrounds in a range of complex practice contexts.
1.2 Course content
Contemporary contexts of social work practice
Child protection practice
Children and young people as carers
Social work ethics, social justice and human rights framework in work with families, children and
young people
Social work knowledge
Child development
Parent-child attachment
Practice theories and models
Family assessment
Working with children
Working with adolescents
Strategies, techniques and interventions
Solution focused approaches
Child centred practice
Family centred practice
Collaborative inter-disciplinary practice
Effective communication skills in conducting assessment and intervention
2. Unit value
12 units

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Course Outline: SWK277 Working with Children, Youth and Families
3. How does this course contribute to my learning?
Specific Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this
course you should be able to:
Assessment Tasks
You will be assessed on
the learning outcome in
Graduate Qualities
Completing these tasks successfully
will contribute to you becoming:
Identify different child and family
theories, developmental theories
and stages and models of
intervention processes and strategies
and explain changes in social work
and human services practice when
working with families
1, 2 and 3
Creative and critical thinkers.
Articulate a social work/ human
services assessment and intervention
2 and 3
Creative and critical thinkers.
Apply reflective practice on personal
beliefs, values and worldviews and
discuss how this impacts on your
4. Am I eligible to enrol in this course?
Refer to the Coursework Programs and Awards - Academic Policy for definitions of “pre-requisites, co-
requisites and anti-requisites
4.1 Enrolment restrictions
4.2 Pre-requisites
(SCS272 or SCS172 or SWK172) or enrolled in AR707
4.3 Co-requisites
4.4 Anti-requisites
4.5 Specific assumed prior knowledge and skills
You will have an emerging understanding of how to link theory to practice, and to critically analyse the
ideological underpinnings of dominant discourses and power and respond in creative ways to challenges
posed by the socio-political contexts in which ‘we’ reside.
5. How am I going to be assessed?
5.1 Grading scale
Standard High Distinction (HD), Distinction (DN), Credit (CR), Pass (PS), Fail (FL)
5.2 Assessment tasks
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