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Lecture 1

CAEL2072 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sydney Grammar School

Sydney College of the Arts
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Unit of study_
Ceramics: Potter¿s Wheel as
Sculptural Tool - CAEL2072
Year - 2018
This unit of study explores notions of the void and the aperture through the development of hollow
formed objects created by hand or the potter's wheel. You will be introduced to the creation of
various common forming techniques on the potter's wheel and will be encouraged to use these to
create new techniques and develop modular and sculptural assemblages. This unit also examines
the philosophical underpinnings associated with the traditional and contemporary practice of this
genre of ceramics through group discussion and individual research.
1x3-hour studio class/week
experimental process folio (20%) and written research report (20%) and final studio work (60%)
Faculty: Arts and Social Sciences
Semester 1
05 Mar 2018
Department/School: Sydney College of the Arts
Study Mode: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
Census Date: 31 Mar 2018
Unit of study level: Intermediate
Credit points: 6.0
EFTSL: 0.125
Available for study abroad and exchange: Yes
Faculty/department permission required? No
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