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Lecture 1

31266 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Transaction Processing, Information System, Data Mining

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Information Technology
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In this lecture,
We defined data, information and knowledge
Data items refer to an elementary description of things, events, activities and
transactions that are recorded, classified and stored but are not organised to convey
any specific meaning.Examples of data items are a collection of numbers (e.g. 3.11,
2.96, 3.95, 1.99, 2.08).
Information refers to data that have been organised so that they have meaning and
value to the recipient. For example, a grade point average (GPA) by itself is data, but
a student’s name coupled with his or her GPA is information. The recipient interprets
the meaning and draws conclusions and implications from the information.
Knowledge consists of data and/or information that have been organised and
processed to convey understanding, experience, accumulated learning and expertise
as they apply to a current business problem. For example, a company recruiting at
your school has found over time that students who average a high distinction or
higher have experienced the greatest success in its management program. Based on
this accumulated knowledge, that company may decide to interview only those
students with GPAs over 5.0.
We discussed the component of A CBIS is an IS that performs some or all of its tasks using
computer technology which are as following:
CBIS Components
Hardware (physical device) is a device such as a processor,
monitor, keyboard, or printer. Together, these devices accept data
and information, process them, and display them.
Software is a program or collection of programs that enable the
hardware to carry out specific task- to process data
A database is a collection of related files or tables containing data.
A network is a connecting system that permits different computers
to share resources. Range from two computers joined together to the
biggest network (interenet)
Procedures are the set of instructions about how to combine
hardware, software, databases, and networks in order to process
information and generate the desired output. A process is a series of
steps undertaken to achieve a desired outcome or goal.
Users are those individuals who use the hardware and software,
interface with it, or utilize its output.
As it is shown in the following picture we discussed IT vs Is
IT refers to computer-based tools that support information- processing.
IS utilises IT to collect, process, store, analyse, and disseminate information for a
specific purpose.
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