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Class Notes for 91335 at University of Technology Sydney

Metabolic Biochemistry

91335 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Rna Polymerase Iii, Endosome, Provirus

MB2 Lecture 4 16/4/18 Eukaryotic expression systems and transgenes Genes expression in mammalian cells Genes encoding proteins that requires post-translational modifications must use eukaryotic cells Transfection intr...

Najjah Nassif
91335 Lecture 3: Lecture 3- Diverse Roles Of RNA

MB2 Lecture 3 9418 The diverse roles of RNA RNA Single stranded more structure, flexible RNA world theory RNA first molecule to exist Not very stable Can selfassemble to form polymer function as enzyme (ribozyme) Genetic c...

Najjah Nassif
91335 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Operon, Alternative Splicing, Myc

MB2 Lecture 2 26/3/18 Transcription and regulation of gene expression Differential gene expression Differences between cells are due to expression Cells differentiation to perform different functions Regulatory mechanism...

Najjah Nassif
91335 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Rna Splicing, Peptide, Transferase

MB2 Lecture 1 19318 Revision Nucleotide= 3 components Sugar Phosphate (5C of sugar) Base (1C of sugar) Phosphodiester bond Between 5 carbon and 3 carbon of the other nucleotide 5 3 orientation central dogma DNA RNA Protein...

Najjah Nassif
Laboratory Basics - Reference Guides

Lab safety is the cornerstone principle in this compelling Guide. All international safety symbols are clearly defined, with all basic lab glassware and equipment depicted by text description and diagrams. The Guide also p...

ANAT - Anatomy
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