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University of Western Sydney
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Jamal Rizik

Electric charge, current and voltage Electric charge; As learnt in higher school certificate, charges originate form protons, neutrons and electrons. As we also learnt a while back, opposite charges attract each other, which cause an electric charge with the introduction of current and voltage within the circuit or the situation. An object is charges if it is able to attract to small pieces nearby such as paper or cork. Charge is an electrical property of the atomic particles of which matter consists, measured in coulombs ©. The charge e on one electron is negative and equal in magnitude to 1.602 * 10^-19 C, which is called as electronic charge. The charges that occur in nature are integral multiples of the electronic charge. Some examples of an electric charge are;  Combing dry hair can cause it to crackle and the strands of the hair to stand on end, the comb after that can also attract paper.  Lightening occurs during violent thunderstorms.  You give someone an electric shock while shuffling along a synthetic carpet and touching them. Current; The rate of flow of electric charge past any point in a circuit. The SI unit for current is in coulombs or amps. There are two types of currents, direct current and alternating current. In direct current, the net flow of charge is in one direction only. In alternating current, the charge carriers periodically move back and forth. Therefore in comparison, direct current moves in a constant manner. Electric current, i= dq/dt. The unit of ampere can be derived as IA= IC/s. with other definitions, a direct current is a current that remains constant with time. An alternating current is a current that varies sinusoidal with time in a reverse direction. One ampere of current One seco
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