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Engineering Science
Graham Bishop

Alternatives for an efficient household On this document is a few notes on some alternatives for an efficient household and a bit of a summary on them, these can help on assignments or just a simple write up.  Solar panels Solar panels are used to light energy, or scientifically called (photons) to a solar grid in which it is converted using an inverter to electrical energy. This electrical energy is then put towards the household as its energy is used to run the household appliances such as the microwave, electric cooktop, laptops etc. solar panels are an alternative source as it does not cost money for the power pulled from the solar grids, at some instants, electrical companies owe the home consumer money as the house generates a great amount of energy. The only costly thing to the solar panels is that they are expensive to install and buy however for the long term it’s a vital instrument for the efficiency of the household.  Location of the hot water unit The location of the hot water unit must be installed in a situated area where there can be a lot of sunlight at some point of the day. As the sun rises from the east and the sun sets from the west it is mature to install the hot water system either on the east or the west side of the house. This is due to the fact that as the suns heat hits the hot water unit, it will take less amount of energy to heat the water up. For the choice of putting the hot water unit on the east or the west, it is supposed to be known on what times of the day is the most amounts of shower taken for the most amount of efficient use. So if a vast amount of showers are taken in the morning then the hot water tanks should be installed on the east side of the house, however, if a vast amount of showers are taken towards the end of the day, then the hot water system should be installed towards the west side of the house for maximum efficiency.  The use of water tanks For the use of water tanks, water is caught form the roof of the house as it is given a pathway to the gutters of the house and moves down the down pipes into the water tank. The water in the tank is then pushed using a pump to the taps or the hoses of water used appliances such as the toilet, washing machine or the dishwater for water to be supplied at those arrangements. This same use of water can be classified as an alternative of recycling water. This alternative is an efficient outcome as this same free water is used to clean the dishes, water the garden or to flush a simple toilet system. In Australia the installation of water tanks is a need and without a water tank in the plan of a new house being built, through legal legislation the house is not passed for further construction.  Used washing machine water to the garden The used washing machine water is another alternative for recycling used or water again in the efficient household. The outside hosing of the washing machine drains out the water that has been used in the system of washing the clothes. This hosing is connected to a drain which leads to the sewage pipes. Before this happens water is then taken to the water tanks of the house so the same used water can be used again to the garden or another alternative is for the washing of the cars etc.  Only cold water to the washing machine As hot water is an expensive tool for washing clothes, cold water can also wash clothes using the right supplements. Hot water is only expensive is because it uses gas to hot water up and gas is energy which costs money just like electricity. As so, cold water does not need anything for cooling it can be used to the washing machine to clean the clothes at no further costs. Supplements for cold washing powders are provided in stores.  Efficient air conditioning systems Efficient air conditioning
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