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University of Western Sydney
Graeme J.Mitchell

200101 Accounting Information for Manager Lecture week 1 29/7/2013 Introduction  It is a big unit, large statistic exercise  provides exposure to financial and management accounting information from a user of accounting information viewpoint.  provide breadth of awareness and knowledge in relevant fields of accounting essential to decision making for managers. vUWS  It is very important to check vUWS regularly  How to access to vUWS: type account, password to log in your account Textbook and resources  ” Accounting: business reporting for decision making”, 4th edn, John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Queensland  textbook and iStudy are available together from the UWS Connect bookshop in either hard copy or as an e-text plus iStudy  Additional student resources multi-choice and glossary quizzes, and video quizzes based on actual business-related media interviews shown on the ABC, will be available on vUWS  prepare for each lecture and tutorial by reading the relevant chapter Watch an video about this unit: you can view on vUWS Key topic of this subject:  business structures  Business transactions  Balance sheet  Income statement  Statement of cash flows  Analysis and interpretation of financial statements  Budgeting, cost-volume-profit analysis  Tutorials provided in a small class context: focus on application of your knowledge and on building your ability  Expected to have completed specific reading and exercises from the textbook and study guide prior to attending each tutorial class. Assessment: Read the learning guide carefully to know about the assessment:  Tutorial homework (10%)  Mid-semester examination (25%)90 minutes  Individual assignment (15%) 500-750 words  Final examination (50%)2 hours If you have any question, refer to Manu (email post on vUWS). Note: don’t use your personal email. There is a recording of the lecture (Monday evening lecture) posted on vUWS. Note: The lecture is only 1 hour, please be on time. The lecture: Week 1 Introduction to accounting Accounting can be defined as the process of identifying, measurin
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