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Lecture 14

BIOL 2043 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: DermisPremium

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BIOL 2043
Allison Walker

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8th October 2018
Plants are unable to fix atmospheric nitrogen so they form
symbiotic relationships with Rhi bivm bacteria
Allow bacteria to infect them
.Bacteria attracted
.Root hair curls around bait .
.Quickly multiply tcreate
infection thread that enters
cortical tells
.Form cortical cells
.lateral roots modified to form nodules where bacteria live and
atmospheric nitrogen gas enchomge takes place
Almost all terrestrial plants are
associated with afungal symbiont
Interaction helps
plant . of decaying matter to useful products
Fungus sugars,amino acids
,etc .
Ectomycorrhizal very rare but fungus envelopes
the entire not tip with asheath .Hyphae from
the sheath penetrate epidermal cells and
form atiartig net to facilitate nutrient exchange .
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