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Lecture 16

BIOL 2043 Lecture 16: Plant-Fungal Interactions, part 2Premium

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BIOL 2043
Allison Walker

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Signalling :
Plant root produces Fungi produce Plant permits
stngolactonest other
MYC factor to the fungi to
chemicals to initiate identify if it penetrate its
fungal hypae branching /is asymbiont .cells .
soluble signals
that induce plant
responses .can move
through apermeability
barrier to induce root branching .
AM fungi branch outside the
root ,between root cells and
within the cortex .
form PPA Cpre -penetration
apparatus)to assist fungal entry .
The mutualistic reward system (where good and bad partners
are rewarded and punished with more Iless glucose)is
the reason the symbiosis emits for nearly billion years .
ECTOMYCORRHIZAL ~31 of land plants
Ectomycorrhizal fungi form fruiting
mushroom bodies near trees .some
are edible
others are not .
EM fungi form networks surrounding the
not ,not penetrating within .Form amesh
around root tip and colonise spaces between plant not cells .
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