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Lecture 22

BIOL 2053 Lecture 22: Non-sporous Bacilli, part 1Premium

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BIOL 2053
Todd Smith

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October 19th
µDoesnt need 02 but doesnt mind it
Facultatively anaerobic cocci
Catalase It
ve )
;catalyses Hao a
*Had to a
Oxidase He)no ETC
.Lives normally in the upper respiratory tract
skin ,intestine ,vagina
.Produces coagulate (only Sanremo ,
not other Staphylococcus species)
.some strains produce slime to create biofilm and cover their proteins
The pathogenic capacity of astrain is due to toxins and invasive property .
spread widely in tissues and produce
many virulence factors
Staphylococci enter hair follicles coagulate
form afibrin clot WBC fight and die
create white this
TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME :Super absorbent tampons
during menstruation where the toxin secreted
by Staphylococcus Aureus shocks the circulatory system ,
which collapses
and leads to multi organ failure .low blood sugar ,fever,diarrhea ,skin rash
STAPHYLOCOCCI FOOD POISONING :looking food kills Salmonella and 5. aureus
,but not denature the toxin so it poisons you .The quick onset
in 18
hour and the body gets rid of it in afew days .
STAPHYLOCOCCUS EPIDERMIS :Skin bacteria does not produce coagulate
or toxins so generally not pathogenic .
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