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Lecture 24

BIOL 2053 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Anthelmintic, Mycelium, LigninPremium

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BIOL 2053
Todd Smith

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october 22nd
source of most antibiotics in medicine
produce metabolites that act as
anticancer ,anthelmintic Iparasites
and immunosuppressive drugs .
inhibit other bacterial and fungal
growth Isome species -
-pathogenic )
found in soil and degrade an enormous variety of compounds !
.Branching network of hyphae
made of filamentous cells
EX0 spores resistant to
demi cation dispersed by wind .
SUBSTRATE MYCELIUM :oh and in the substrate
.AERIAL MYCELIUM :extends above substrate
.EX0 SPORES :form at the top of the aerial mycelium
Actin omg as species
ROLE IN SOIL ECOLOGY :degrade organic plant material
like lignin achitin through enzymes
MAMMALS found in the oral cavity of mammals
and contribute to plaque formation
Propioni bacterium Species
Ferments sugars tlactic acid prop ionic acid GHz CH ,COOH )
.Found Mhuman skin and leads to acne and cheesy smell
.Used in cheese production to give flavour tholes due to coa release
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