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Lecture 25

BIOL 2053 Lecture 25: Actinobacteria, part 2Premium

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BIOL 2053
Todd Smith

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Mycobacterium Ieprae
.transmitted through nasal secretions
.spread via blood and lymph infect nervous
system cells and dermal macrophages
TUBERWLOID LEPROSY :Invasion of nervous system causes
boss of sensation due to nodules
LEPROMATOUS LEPROSY :Invasion of dermal skin time
+death leads to droopy skin ,loss of fingers and toes and
disfiguring nodules all over the body
TREATMENT antibiotic therapy
Streptomyces Species
Aerobic bacteria that forms chains of
spores on aerial hyphae .
.Ecological and medical importance
Make up to dot of soil bacteria
Breakdown pectin ,lignin ,chitin ,latex
,agar .
Produce tot of antimicrobial s
produce proteins that make them resistant to the anti microbes produced.
Frankie alni
symbiotic association with roots
of older tree nitrogen fixation
allows growth
in nutrient
poor soils
.Can form sporangia Ileft or nodules of bacteria fright )
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