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Lecture 27

BIOL 2053 Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Sewage Sludge, Feta, Cellular Respiration

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BIOL 2053
Todd Smith

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PYRODKTIUM :Grows from 105 '
Anaerobic alives around deep-sea hydrothermal
vents .Chemo oregano trophic ,uses Fet '
as terminal e- accept
-on g. corrupt Fet 's coat feta
.Highly pressured -Can survive due to thick all walls
.Strict anaerobes that obtain energy by converting
Hat 402
or org .comp )methane tH20
.Thrive in anoxic environments rich in org matter
like rumen
,intestines of animals ,sediments ,
swamps ,anoxic sludge digested
Process :
MEIHANOGENISIS :Methane gens produce methane from sewage sludge .
1kg of sludge =fool of clean burning methane .
BAUER :Most common Archaean in human gut and consume
bacterial fermentation products .
HM0 BACTERIUM :rods in culture and depend on
high Naa concentration Iat least Ism 6.2M )
grow in high -salinity habitats and turns the water reddish -carotenoids
Arohaerhodopsin :aprotein that aggregates in the Plasma Membrane to
trap light energy .when light is absorbed ,amoves across
The resulting ④tgradient powers Mp production by ihemiosmosis .
Other rhodopsin use light energy to balance out ions in the cell
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