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Business Administration
BUSI 3623
Randall Balcome

The front window of Pollys Flower Shop was recently broken when someone threw a rock through it Which of the following statements is TRUE o none of the aboveWhich of the following statements is TRUE o Trade unions sometimes can sue or be sued even though they are unincorporated associations A law suit may be brought against human beings corporations and unincorporated associationsGeetha has been diagnosed with skin cancer Based on her physicians diagnosis she believes that her condition was caused by SofSkin a lotion that she used for many years She wants to sue the manufacturer of SofSkin but she realizes that a law suit would require a great deal of complicated evidence and therefore would likely be long and expensive Which of the following statements regarding class actions is TRUE in this situation o Even if a court allowed a class action to proceed it would be possible for other people in the same situation as Geetha to sue by themselvesClass actions have become more common in Canada in recent years That increase in popularity can be explained at least in part by the fact that o they save society money by eliminating the need for similar actions to be brought to court separately
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