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Business Administration
BUSI 3623
Randall Balcome

Teach Inc sold a computer consulting business to Blackbeard Corp Blackbeard was persuaded to enter into that sale contract by documents that Teach had produced that suggested that Blackbeard would enjoy a profit of 1 000 000 In fact as Teach knew the business was really worth far less As a result of purchasing the business Blackbeard has actually suffered a total loss of 400 000 Blackbeard has successfully sued Teach in both tort and contract Though it may also be entitled to other relief Blackbeard is entitled to damages of o 400 000 in tortBentham Inc sued Locke Ltd in tort The judge denied liability on the grounds of remoteness That means that o the tort that Locke committed was not an intentional tortPaine Enterprises sued Montesquieu Corp in tort The court held that there had been a failure to mitigate damages That means that o Paine may still be entitled to damages for losses that could not have been mitigatedRawls Inc sued Nozick Ltd in tort The court awarded nominal damages That means that o Rawls did not prove that it suffered a loss as a result of Nozicks tortJojo suffered a catastrophic injury while she was at work Although she strongly suspects that the accident that injured her was caused by the carelessness of on
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