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Business Administration
BUSI 3623
Randall Balcome

Emily was involved in a business dispute with Jacob During a private conversation with Jacob Emily threatened to spread a rumor that he was having an affair with her unless he agreed to sign a certain document She knew that that rumor was entirely untrue but she also knew that Jacob was afraid of upsetting his wife who is very jealous On the basis of those facts alone Jacob would certainly be entitled to succeed in a tort action against Emily if he sued her for o none of the aboveBecause Katelyn has a disability she receives daily care from her neighbour Savannah Savannah provides that care out of the goodness of her heart She does not have an agreement of any sort with Katelyn Caleb held a grudge against Katelyn as a result of a business dispute He wanted to find some way of hurting her He therefore told Savannah that he would burn her house down if she continued to care for Katelyn Calebs plan backfired Savannah told Katelyn of the threat and together they reported Caleb to the police He was convicted of a crime Katelyn however also wants to sue him for the tort of intimidation The claim in intimidation will fail because o the intimidation was unsuccessfulTo succeed in a claim for intimidation the plaintiff must prove that o the defendants intimidation caused the threatened party to act in a certain wayJuan entered into a contract with Makayla under which he promised to add a solarium on to her house for 25 000
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