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Business Administration
BUSI 4623
Steven Enman

Lecture Eight 1976 occupiers liability changed anyone who was trespassingSection 2 common law is different superseded by this actSection 9 overrides everything except certain statutes give a higher duty of care than a normal liability to the occupier o Eg the hotel keeper is usually the liable person for goods unless they have put notice o If the legal notice is on the hotel if you lose anything or someone steals from you then you will get compensated innkeeper is liable o Later it was decided that is too much liability notice should be posted behind front desk public places behind the door washrooms etc o Common carriers must post something limit their liability in their contract so they are not liable for any lost packagesmail etcBasic duty that is owed to someone coming onto your premises is reasonable care to keep them reasonably safeIf the person is coming on your property to steal from you or is a trespasser the duties of care you owe them areo not to create a danger with deliberate notion of causing harm o not to act with reckless disregard with presence of person on your propertyrestrict duty modify duty or exclude duty if this is written were it is drawn to peoples attention then you are not owed the standard duty of careWhat happens if a person gets injured by a dog on your property o Owners answer when he was sued was that the dog was chained and there was no way for it to come up to the front door and hurt anyone o Under the dog owners act if your
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