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Business Administration
BUSI 4623
Steven Enman

Lecture NineTort Law contInjurious falsehood slander of typo slander of producting something wrong with the quality of your product and thats why you shouldnt buy it o Cola taste test wasnt injurious falsehood chilled their own brand while other one was cool to be less appealing o Putting a penny in a glass of cola and showing that it disintegrates it even though all types of pop do the same damage is injurious falsehoodYou have to have a false statement defendant has to have wished harmed on the other partyRecklessness of the truth is sufficient to be malice gossipSome torts are intentional knowing that their action could cause that problemSome torts are negligent you always have to find what the duty of care was if there is no duty of care the person is not liable of what happened next if there was a duty of care what is expected you have to check if the defendant met the standard of careas a member of society has a duty a reasonable personIf the defendant did not meet the standard of care its proved faultYou have to prove causation after being proven faultYou have to have som
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