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Lecture 1

PSYC 1013 Lecture 1: The Evolution Of Psychology

by Ashna Makhija , Winter 2018
2 Pages
Winter 2018

Course Code
PSYC 1013
Maxime Pelland

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44 P0StTlVe
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' - Loi^.^il1"
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'hn-tt otury*
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ni Jrturut od"ettnon
talorrn Satnqu\o\Ih
*\ftt qnhor(l. on OrqarurnV
ft Qro fu,l,tJl,va, E{r t,t,{,rat' .*i*of ?etdm\ttt
. toursulinq !q$h0toq-t
. q0,i[,ehfy\n! q tdnCtt
' itsMttiot q OrtAbur,lzqh0lv
-ut 1tttrrtnnlNq,1

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N mew Scflesce oF THa Hoor{ [onrruu L , i,tUDtoo;U:?sc ::u,UW.t^shid:i strrdLhpvnlinm vs.Rlatcjnonutirm . qhosopht+ phlxotoc65 eDvift{DSC?nbLvs rrttUrtMrmnfi i,.,;{1.1,,,,t,),j}.0T, sy0{Mrr0Urn .r Swfdjrt fr?q urqtud w1 rhoud.bc orti{,ro Wtnnruifurt6rn vr u1td ?tW .( ?tw. 1tt Cmftntfb.f,rAleoNS.+ S.rSftr,rNeL ,iirtithfit^:tqufUAsd oilrtlnlCab ptqc phtd^00td{,.,,oStbutrtu,ir ;runnnt .i qnt iormtrl e,Nrrorrr tiltn, ra:i no! rr,1trnt0u =fiu ilocurrtrulto .hur6ru5YTc*tu RohrKl +,tor*ffidnMnl o a ,wYlsctollfirw, 44 P0StTlVe PSCHOLOO vtN utM c,Dffifinln Loi^.^il1 .ur)t,o,s.r*bou,ot0.l},{) ft.ltrt LuL!110t{ *t q,Aro[q[t, Wnhrnn6, 0oqtt11qt1 PSt0Leht h^th,*t*n !nntrtqn, QD)crydn{[0e StrrN{ttu t{xwf,t rtUlff1 ,[email protected] .g wr,otMtttSrn PSTHCLOT qJ TODN. twunq ot, U. l bt ni Jrturutodettnon talorrn SatnquoIh flal *fttqnhor(l. on OrqarurnV . .*i*of ?etdmttt dorq}roflcflfal, ftQrofu,l,tJl,va,t,t,{,rat . toursulinq!qh0toqt .lffi*,,* .q0,i[,ehfyn!tdnCtt .pt{
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