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SOCI 3363

THE TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONSHardins Tragedy of the Commons model predicts the eventual overexploitation or degradation of all resources used in commonits metaphor of commonproperty resource managementmost widely accepted explanation for overexploitation of resources that are commonly heldThe essential idea was that resources held in common such as oceans rivers air and parklands are subject to massive degradationThe need for major social change to deal with problems such as overpopulation resource depletion and air and water poullutionIf each herdsman found it more profitable to graze more animals than the pasture could support because each took all the profit from an extra animal but bore only a fraction of the cost of overgrazing the result would be a tragic loss of the resource for the entire community of herders Thus Hardin concluded that freedom in the commons brings ruin to allTo avoid the tragedy Hardin 1968 Hardin and Baden 1977 concluded that the commons could be privatized or kept as public property to which rights to entry and use could be allocated Hardin has been widely cited as having said that resource degrad
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