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Lecture 11

GOVN 400 Lecture 11: Unit 11

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GOVN 400

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Unit 11
o Assembly of First Nations
The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is an assembly, modelled on the
United Nations General Assembly, of First Nations (Indian bands) represented by their
chiefs. It emerged from and replaced the Canadian National Indian Brotherhood in the
early 1980s.
o colonization
o First Nations
o Inuit
o Métis
o nation to nation
o treaties
o Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)
The TRC is a component of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. Its
mandate is to inform all Canadians about what happened in Indian Residential Schools
(IRS). ... The Commission has a five-year mandate and is supported by aTRC Secretariat,
which is a federal government department.
The final report of the TRC outlines a vision for the future of Canada as nation
that recognizes and respects all peoples who reside here along with the
recognition of 125 years of injustice towards the indigenous peoples. While
indigenous people are part of the rich multicultural mosaic of Canada they are
different from other Canadians. All other non-indigenous Canadians at some
point in their families’ histories came from another place and were not subject to
the set of laws that governed indigenous peoples.
First Nations in Canada provides a historical perspective of the relationship
between First Nations and the federal government. Parts 2 to 6 describe the
historical transition of First Nations from allies to wards of the state, or from
independence to dependency (Canada 2016). Both The “Final Report of the Truth
and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Volume One: Summary Honouring
the Truth, Reconciling for the Future” and the aforementioned “First Nations in
Canada” provide the background history and story.
o TRC calls to action
The TRC final report outlines 94 Calls to Action that provide direction for new
goals, strategies and programs. More importantly, jurisdictional boundaries must
come down in order to affect the desired changes and outcomes. In December
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