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To: Tessa Jordan From: Aread Leaño Date: October 9, 2013 Subject: Market segments and their use Dear Tessa, In response to your questions, I will talk about what market segment of the Sustainability Passion Index I belong to and why that information is useful to marketers. I will also address what factors categorize me to my market segment and how marketer can utilize that type of information to make a product appealing for their target market. My Market Segment The Sustainability Passion Index is a collection of consumer categories based on how they behave towards their surroundings and what these people value the most. These segments vary from people who are concerned about the environment and society known as Vocal Globalists to persons that value family, friends, and opportunities to volunteer who are referred to as Pragmatic Believers. I belong to the Pragmatic Believer segment. The Pragmatic Believers, as stated in The Shift Report by Conscientious Innovation Ltd., “…care about sustainable life and CSR issues overall. They rate family, friends and community highly, support locally based businesses and volunteer frequently…” The point that interests me the most about this segment is its focus on the people immediately around them. I enjoy reading the newspaper to keep myself aware of what goes on in my area. I am concerned about the issues and challenges in my neighbourhood. I put my family as my highest priority. I try to spend with my younger siblings doing different activities like playing soccer or being home together watching a hockey game. Maintaining that relationship with them is important. Volunteer work is rewarding and fun. I volunteer in my community especially with Scouts Canada. I was in the scouting program for five years. I also volunteered to be a Cub Scout leader for two years. From small Tuesday night scout group meetings to province-wide camps, I enjoyed the time I've spent with the organization. I value the skills and experiences that I learned and shared with my time in Scouts Canada. I love going to Commercial drive and listening to local musicians play in the various privately- owned coffee shops. The growth of local talent is important to me. It helps the community grow socially. It also helps the local music industry maintain their business. Being a Pragmatic Believer, I care about the “good” that can be done in the community to impro
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