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Break down of the united front January 1941 Nationalists attack communists for failing to comply with orders rapidly enough 3,000 communists killed -American attempt to reconcile mao zhedong and chiang kai shek (October 1945) Civil war between communists and nationalists -nationalists: recognized as the legitimate gvt of china by the allies and russia -had 3 or 4 times as many men as the communists -more armaments than the communists -but they don't have popular support: corruption, inflation, does not have support from peseants -chiang kai shek gets lots of support from usa but he is embezzeling it and does not help the poor -chiang kai shek is also incompetent as a military leader and in spring 1949 he flees to taiwan -Failure of nationalists -Economic problems: inflation -Corruption of the nationalists Success of the communists -Communists practiced a spartan type of life close to the common people -morale remained high in the army and was continuously bolstered by indocrination and effective propagada: appealing ideology -Communists winned the support of masses -CCP implemented one change after another during the war: reforms -Mao goes to moscow to seek for help -Soviet union provides china with loans and technical assistance -Stalin does not treat mao very well -10,000 russian technicians go to china -20,000 chinese trainees go to the Soviet Union -Stalin and Mao were not very close unlike the rhetoric -Soviet union is China's only ally -Among the socialists, there is democracy and a dictatorship to contorl the capitalists and imperialists -once the capitalists and the imperialists are gone there can be democracy -People's democratic dictatorship -unicarmel National People's Congress -2987 seats -members elected by municiple regional and provincial people's congresses to serve year terms -national peoples congress represent the people -all citizens of the people's republic of china who have reached the age of 18 have the right to vote except imperialists or capitalists -Head of the state: The president of the people's republic of china -elected by the national peoples congress -recieves the foreign people -in effect the poli
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