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Norman Chasse

Equity2 parts to Shareholders Equitycorporations o Capital stock o RIEShare Capital o Amount invested in the corporation by the owners o Also called paidincapitalAuthorized Shares o Max amount of shares that can be issued by the company o As per Articles of Incorporation or Corporate CharterIssued Shares o All shares issued sold by either the company or held by shareholders or the company itself o Treasury SharesOutstanding SharesTreasury Sharesstocko Issued shares held by the company ie it repurchased on open marketOutstanding shares o Shares that are issued that are being held by shareholdersShare ClassesCommon Shares o All companies must have at least one class of shares called common shares o FeaturesVoting rightsthe right to elect members of the Board of DirectorsResidual rightsright to the residual assets of the company upon its dissolutionPreemptive Rightsright to purchase any new share issuances to maintain ownership percentageRight to share in the profits of the company payment of dividendsPreferred Shares o Special class of shares that give the shareholders first claim to any dividends paid out by the company o They are generally nonvoting shares Par Value an arbitrary dollar value assigned to and printed on a sharefor preferred shares often serves as basis to calculate dividend per share eg 2 10 per shares020
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