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Norman Chasse

BROCK UNIVERSITY GOODMAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ACTG 2P31 EXTERNAL FINANCIAL REPORTING I FW2012 D3 S1 MON & THU 15:30 – 17:00 TA309 INSTRUCTOR: Celine Zhang, MAcc, CMA OFFICE: TA220 PHONE: (905)688-5550 ext.5841 EMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday & Thursday 2:00pm – 3:00pm or by appointment COURSE OBJECTIVES: • To provide students with a theoretical framework for studying issues related to the preparation and use of external financial reports; • To introduce students to different accounting models and to heighten their appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of the conventional accounting model; • To familiarize students with currently accepted principles, practices and professional pronouncements in financial accounting • To highlight problems and ambiguities involved in choosing among competing GAAP • To develop the analytical skills necessary to critically evaluate current practices and future developments in the field of external financial reporting TEXT: Keiso, Weygandt, Warfield, Young & Wiecek. Intermediate Accounting. Volume 1. 9th Canadian edition. John Wiley. Toronto. 2010. OTHER READINGS: As assigned. EVALUATION: Weight Class Participation 10% Assignments 15% Midterm Exams 40% Final Exam 35% Total 100% NOTES: SAKAI & EMAIL The course syllaboutlines for each lassignments and other materials will be posted on SAKAI. Email correspondence may be sent to your Brock badger account. You are responsible for checking this email account on a regular basis. 1 CLASS PARTICIPATION You are expected to do the following in preparation for each class: (a) read the chapter before class; (b) bring to class both the lecture outline and your textbook; (c) attempt assigned homework questions before class. Participation grades are awarded for effort and preparedness, as indicated by your performance in class. To receive marks for your participation, you must sit according to the class seating chart (seats to be assigned in the first week of class) with your name displayed clearly on a name card, and answer questions in class. NO MARKS ARE AWARDED FOR ATTENDANCE. ASSIGNMENTS There will be THREE assignments through the term as scheduled in the Tentative Class Schedule. I will collect and mark the assigned problems through SAKAI. Assignments will be released on SAKAI one week before their due dates. All assignments submitted are to be created with Microsoft Office Word or Excel. No late assignments will be accepted. EXAMS Exams are closed book, no notes, and to be completed individually. Calculators are allowed. There will be TWO in-class midterm exams as scheduled in the Tentative Class Schedule. If you miss a midterm for a valid reason, the corresponding weight will be allocated to the final exam. If you are a member of a varsity sports team and are out of town on the date of the scheduled midterm, you may arrange for your coach to proctor the midterm with you on the regularly scheduled exam day. Make up midterm exams may be arranged under extreme circumstances. Questions about grading must be submitted to me in writing within one week after the exam is available for review. The written request should state what you consider to be incorrectly graded and why. I
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