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Lecture 1

ACTG 2P40 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Superior CourtPremium

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Sept 13, 2016
Chapters 1 and 2
Introduction to Law
Contact: 905- 688 0416
Philosophies of Law
1) Natural Law
a) Religious La: all las sprig fro religio; There’s right fro rog.
Example: The 10 Commandments; Bible
b) Non-Religious Law: laws that come from the fact that we are humans
and we can actually think
2) Legal Positivism: natural law is stupid.
Laws should be divided into physical and normative. Normative laws are
human ways to control other humans; Manmade laws.
The Role of Law
1) Governance of Conduct
Governs what people do
Example: income tax act government says to out government
sas to put oe for the goeret, do’t sped it all
2) The Authority for Government to Act
The government has its own laws too
3) Governance of Relationships
Maintains relationships
Example: contracts the terms in the contracts are laws
Sources of Law in Canada
1) Three Sources of Law in Canada
a) The Constitution also known as The British North American Act
i) The Constitution
ii) The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
The Constitution lists what areas Federal, Municipal and Provincial
governments are in charge of
The charter governs the government
The charter sas the goeret ca’t ake las that def the
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