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Applied Computing
Harry John

APCO 1P50 Wednesday September 26, 2012  The days of purchasing are over – content is all licensed.  Bruce Willis & iTunes rumour – that he wanted to sue Apple because they wouldn’t let him give his music to his kids. Boolean Operators  How you combine words when you make your search. Google and ‘AND’  Used to allow ‘+’ in searches (it functioned like ‘and’), now ignores it completely. Advanced Operators ~ Synonyms ~info (find stats too) - Not Information-literacy Site: Find a particular website Info site: *wikipedia Is Google XOR or OR?  Exclusive or (XOR) – can only take one from either category (above: film or theatre)  Believes Google does an “OR” search (above: film and theatre) The Filter Bubble  Google personalizes your results with increased usage, builds on past searches.  Duck, Duck, Go doesn’t track you. rd  Google tracking – builds profile of visitor (characteristics, location) leading to 3 party.  Your saved Google searches can legally be obtained.  Easiest way to exclude yourself form the filter bubble is not to login tot Google unless necessary.  This feature called “Search + Your World”  However, you’re usually still identifiable by your IP.  To further complicate things, Google implicitly authorizes you to view certain things based in part on your IP address.  Google Scholar on campus automatically affiliates us with Brock.
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