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Applied Computing
Harry John

APCO 1P50 Monday October 15, 2012 Child Pornography  Joe Green – a system administrator  Asked to install new software package on Chuck Dennis’s computer  Green not authorized to read other people’s emails or personal files  Green accidentally sees suspicious-looking file names  He opens some of Dennis’s files and discovers child pornography (illegal to possess)  What should he do? Analysis  Most relevant principles o Be impartial o Respect the rights of others o Treat others justly  Most relevant clauses o 2.03: Somebody has misused the company PC o 2.09: Someone is using the PC for a purpose not in the employer’s interest o 3.13: Joe violated the policy against opening files o 5.10: Someone else may have planted the files on Chuck’s computer Anti-Worm  Internet plagued by new worm that exploits hole in popular operating system  Tim Smart creates anti-worm that exploits same security hole  Tim’s anti-worm fixes PCs it infects. it also used these PCs as a launch pad to reach new PCs.  Tim launches anti-worm, taking pains to keep it from being traced back to him  The anti-worm quickly spreads through Internet, infecting millions of computers  System administrators around the world combat the anti-worm Analysis  Most relevant principles o Continually improve your abilities o Share your knowledge, expertise, and values o Respect the rights of others o Take responsibility for your actions and inactions  Real life – Fujitsu  Most relevant clauses o 1.01: Tim did not accept responsibility for his action o 1.08: The worm was free, but cost system administrators a lot of time o 2.03: The anti-worm entered computers without permission of their owners o 8.01, 8.02, 8.03 Certification  Indicates that a professional possesses a particular set of skills, knowledge, or abilities in the opinion of a certifying organization  Can also apply to products, generally voluntary – example a Microsoft office certification  May or may not require adherence to a code of ethics APCO 1P50 Monday October 15, 2012  Employers view as benchmark of knowledge  Opinions are divided on value of certification Vendor certifications  Some certifications substantially improve IT workers’ salaries and career prospects  Relevant for narrowly defined roles or certain aspects of broader roles  Require passing a written exam, or in some cases, a hands-on lab to demonstrate skills and knowledge  Can take years to obtain experience  Training can be expensive  Workers are commonly recertified as newer technologies become available. Industry Association Certifications Government licensing  License is a gov’t-issued permission to engage in an activity or operate a business  Generally administered at the Provincial level in Canada (and State level in US)  Often requires that recipient pass a test  Some professionals must be licensed – doctors, lawyers, CPAs, medical and day care providers, engineers  One goal: protect public safety  Case for licensing IT workers o Encourages following the highest standards of profession o Encou
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