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APCO 1P50 Monday October 1, 2012 What is ethics?  Moral code: set of rules that establish boundaries and acceptable behaviour. Different rules often have contradictions. o Ethical behaviour/systematic [e.g. wheel chair] accommodation helps everyone.  Morality: Social conventions about right/wrong. Forms basis for an established consensus. Imagine society as a town, ethics as our birds eye view of how people behave/abide by rules r societal moral as decided by the community. Allows us to see patterns in ethical behaviour, or barriers may be established.  Breach in ethics may become legitimized behaviour.  New technological developments often challenge ethics.  Morality may vary by: age, cultural group, ethnic background, religion, life experiences, education, gender.  Virtues: habits that one gets into, “incline people to do what is acceptable”  Vices: habits of unacceptable behaviour.  Integrity: A cornerstone of ethical behaviour. People with integrity:  Act in accordance with a personal code of principles.  Extend to all the same respect and consideration.  Apply same moral standards in all situations.  Lack of integrity emerges if you apply moral standards according to different people and situations.  Ethics: set of beliefs about right and wrong behaviour. Ethical behaviour conforms to social norms. standards of behaviour expected of an individual by a group.  Moral: ones personal beliefs about right/wrong.  Law: system of rules that tells use what we can/can’t do. o Equal enforcement (by set of institutions) o Legal acts conform to the law. o Moral acts conform to what an individual believes is the right belief of right/wrong as nurtured. Ethics in Business  Both likelihood and negative impact of inappropriate behaviour elevated. Trends increasing likelihood of unethical behaviour  Globalization (leads to complex work environments)  Organizations challenged to maintain profits/revenue.  Heightened vigilance by: employers, shareholders, regulatory agencies.  Both executives and lower-level employees can find themselves in the middle of an ethical dilemma.  Read IT scandals in textbook – HP, IBM, Computer Associates International  To gain goodwill of the community.  To create an organization that operates consistently.  To foster good business practices. Gaining the Goodwill of Community  Organizations have fundamental
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